How I feel after the run…

I don’t have those words.  Not yet.  Maybe soon I will, but not yet.  8.25 miles to start the day.  And this is the propulsion of something new and fruitful, a new Newness in the writer’s life.  Maybe I’ll be all about the globe like the cyclist blogger I follow.  Route this morning was Coffey to Hopper, then some side street to Coffey, the down San Miguel and back up… Oh, and a bit of Waltzer (down and turn-around at 7.75 miles)…  In line at sbux, tired but inside I can’t be with the day I have ahead.

Want tonight as well to be a no-wine-er.  Want that feel of the 5:20-something air color, dark dark blue with a light lean of coy purple.  Was definitely on street before 5:25, and clocked out last couple steps at 6:26.  Have only done this kind of run once maybe twice before.  But just know, I’m reborn.

Mocha will be ready any minute.  Got that and cinnamon-raisin bagel rather than breakfast sandwich– shit, ready already.  Will finish entry at office.  Today is that awesome day I’ve been wanting since ’11.  I know.