Guess Where I Am

Yep, the adjunct cell.  Pretty much prepped for class after what seemed like, and pretty much was, a perfect day.  From the indie half this morning, to my Blair meeting, walking into the Kunde caves for the first time in years, tasting through some barrels.  Then, reconnecting with old friends in the tasting room, getting some lunch at Whole Foods right around the corner from Jackie’s school.  Getting Jackie and Emma and then back home.  I’m a little tired but not that bad—  OH, and I forgot about my visit to Imagery where I met a sweet belle named Lilly, from Indiana.  So, “Indiana Lilly”, I’ll from here onward to her refer.  She too is a writer, writing she told me briefly about travel and… can’t remember what else.  But she writes and we exchanged information and I’m hoping to get some writing group together.  We’ll see… in addition to everything else I have in fire, too many irons sometimes I think.  Too many to perfect and too many to inventory.  Ugh, makes me tired just thinking about it.

New wine tonight.  From Imagery, yes.  Tempranillo.  Didn’t taste it while there, like I said in the video.  Just bought on thought, on some feeling it’d be good.  That, and I love Tempranillo, especially when they’re done “right”, letting the innate cherry and charcoal, some cream and milk chocolate to surface, communicate with senses.  Could use a glass of that right now.  Not that I’m not in the mood to teach, I’m just not jazzed like I was last semester, with the 5 or 1A.  But that’s my attitude, and my fault.  Should take a couple more notes for the first couple minutes, help get us off the ground.

There, have a prompts.

Done with Coke, and trail mix.  Have sparkling water in fridge, mailroom.

Should go get that, get in room early.  Take more notes.