Not a Reach

In office again, pretty much everything that needed to be done got done yesterday.  So today I’m making about me.  My “content”, my story, my continuation.  Already spent over $20 today between gas and a coffee.  And no mocha today.  Just straight coffee in the tumbler.  Actually, it was a bit less than $2 but I’m being I guess “conservative” in logging my expenses so I’m rounding it up to $2.  Not sure if that helps too much but that’s what I’m doing.

Need more wine stories, more wine notes, more wine reactions…  MORE WINE.  Starting with last night’s Lancaster to lunch today where I think I’ll go across the street to Cast.  They’re right there, across the bloody street, literally a 10-second drive.  Wine for lunch—  NO, a wine story for lunch.  I’ll try what they have and take some notes— thinking of the lady I poured for yesterday, only a little (think maybe at most 3 wines), where she said it’s not the wines so much that matter but the stories.  She went on about content marketing, some ramble  I can barely recall but I do remember her emphasis on story— not that I didn’t know that prior but to hear her say it the way she said it was energizing in its own way.

Still need to upload yesterday’s day-long entry.  Can’t believe I go through last night’s class, feeling as I did.  Going to be a long semester, but I can cope— or not “cope” but manage my experience and my expectations of that experience by making every meeting for ME.  Mine.  Perform for myself.  So many people say about such approaches, “Oh, he just likes to hear himself talk.” Yeah, and?  That’s going to be my consistency and mentality and pedagogy going forward.  I keep 7/18 in my head, and how my life needs to be epochally past where I am now.  On the Road somewhere, or at least have arrangements to be on the Road.

Could use one of my vineyard walks right now.  Just a stroll by the Rhône blocks, or down one of the long Chardonnay rows.  Wine has to be a focus today…  I see these pictures of my sister by some Italian castle and admire her focus, at St. Francis for the past 14 years…  Jesus Christ, I think, “14 fuckin years… that’s amazing.” And it is.  She is.  I need to be more of that character form where I stay in a box, at times hopping out, but returning to it.  OR, to the bottle.. this Ox coming back always to his creative capsule.

Starting to calm down.  In a mood earlier, not having any time to write, but now I do, and I have this view.  Vines, lives on those vines coming to more a suited life and closer to barrel, then to us to sip.  Wine teaches me that way, its process and life, place out there—  wine makes the view, this view, this new view that I keep citing in my recent entries.  Yes, I need a walk, a longer than usual one, I’m estimating.