Decisions’ Time

My next move, brainstorming session having a quiet beer here in the Dry Creek General Store’s bar section.  My next move, what do I mean by that?  Raining outside, sure there’s a story in that, right?  Rain in June…  Sure that’s uncommon.  It is!  I have to capture it.  It’s significant, I’m sure.  Telling me something, my next move–  “Just tell me what it is, or what it should be!” But it doesn’t answer.  It is the next move.  That vineyard across the street, little water beads on the growing green beads, which are the grapes we’ll eventually sip.

Young man at the bar gossiping and talk with woman bartender.  She’s always edgy, a bit quiet but snappy, when you ask her, “So what do you like?” In terms of beer.  She says, “It doesn’t matter what I like.  It matters why you like.” As if to one up you, outwit you with the question when the smarter thing would be to engage the patron in discussion, build rapport to get a tip or reputation, something.  Anyway, they talk, gossip, I quickly lose interest, just want to enjoy my beer and go outside, take pictures of those Zin berries…..