Body wanted to rest a bit more, and I screamed at it, scolded it, “NO REST FOR TIRELESS WRITERS!!!” So I’m on the couch, only took one sip of coffee and I feel much more awake.  Have word count in mind for this sitting, and its low so I can get something in log, blog, journal or whatever, before babies wake.  Can hear Jack moving around up there, so who knows how long this quiet will last.  My guess is not long.

Put coffee in tumbler las night and it stayed surprisingly warm.  Today, I can already tell, or feel, is promising to be busier than busy.  Not sure what gives me that deduction, just something I can tell from the atmosphere in this room, downstairs with the blanket over my legs, laptop atop—

Boring writing, sorry.  I’m slamming this fucking coffee, NOW—  There, but I’m slow to wake.  Got grades in last night, feels nice to have that off my mind, but now there’s Summer to prep for, and my Focuses Freewriting class which starts its proceedings 7/5/16.  Lots to do for the blogging adjunct/writer-father-runner-whatever else I do.  Don’t feel like I have too much on the plate, in fact I’m still trying to add a couple more assignments.  Money, the target, yes, but also building, and in some cases rebuilding, a career as an Educator.  My uncle, Tim, ‘Uncle T’ as I call him, retired yesterday, and it made me think of something an old wine industry friend said to me, “I’m not going to retire at [winery’s name]…” So I thought, yesterday seeing that picture of T with the shirt saying something like “Retired Teacher”, ‘Where do I want to retire?’ Of course, writers never retire, but what ‘square job’ or regular role would I like to one day retire from?  It has to be teaching.  Like, Dad’s a retired airline captain (that just sounds cool…), Mom’s a retired flight attendant…  An old professor of mine I heard just retired…  Cop’s retire and there’s a huge jubilee with colleagues and family…  I want to one day be a retired teacher like T, and I will be.

Plan is to take lunch early today so I’m not so goddamn hungry and I can sit down and get some work done, for Summer and the ‘FF’ course, and other ideas that have to do with teaching.  Feel like with this refocus on teaching I’m teaching myself to be a stronger and more decided teacher— what I hope students walk away with, and how I want to feel when I leave the room, like with the ‘5’ students this semester.  Every morning I walked out of that room confirmed and cemented in the reality that I am a teacher.

That compulsion of wanting to go back to sleep, gone.  But now I have to use the restroom and Jack is up there walking around or looking for something, and I have to ready for work.

And just like that, the morning changes for the writing father—