#papablogga Saturday (Morning)

img_3141Going to try something today:  Take pics and videos for write-about-later reminders.  And record everything.  Even wiping the bird shit off the picnic tables if I have to.  Everything.  Stories… Stories…  Second cup, brewed.  Babies playing with each other, think Emma might fall asleep, but who knows.  She just studies her brother then makes her little chirp sounds.  Jackie watches one of the Shrek movies.  Should be down there playing with him but I need this writing time.  So many criticize parents who let their kids watch TV, at all.  Well, they’re probably not writers (certainly not tireless writers like me), and secondly mind you own fucking business.  I have time to collect with my sentences and visions, which I know makes me a more composed character and by close link a better father.  So save your advice unless I solicit it…

Took my first picture, of the babies.  Now to my second cup, away from the keys.  Thinking of more stories, more from my life and lives of people I just met, got to know.  The winery’s owner, all she yesterday narrated— withholding specifics for this sitting, as I need more time, more material from her.  But I’m in Storyteller mode, for me and everything.  Peace down here, but that can change.  Any parent knows that.  Any writing parent knows that.  And other writer-blogger-father-adjuncts irreversibly understand such.  And just like that the quietude is cut.  Jackie being silly me telling him to calm down Emma not sure if she likes his funny body jerks and sounds…  Me, tired, a bit annoyed then animatedly joyed, over-.

Need to study these little beats more, Mr. Kerouac and Ms. Austen.  Learn from them, what they want and what they see, everything they do.  See what other parents see…  (And yes, I’m soliciting your advice, sorry for the attitude earlier…)

SO, other parents:  What do you see, day to day?

How many do you have?

What are your mornings like?

Anything I should be doing differently?

What is parenting teaching you?

What do your kids, in their actions and growth, growths, teach you?

Do you think about how they see you, how they will see you in five, ten or more years?

What do you do for fun, with them?

What is the biggest frustration, for you, with being a parent?

What do all soon-to-be parents need to know about parenting?