An Adjunct’s Thoughts on the Feel of Writing

An effective or powerful piece should make the reader feel something.  It should make you, the reader, want to do something, to act, to be a part of something.  The writing should haunt the reader, give that reader a sense of urgency, how much the writer/student cares about their topic.  If a paper or assignment lacks “Feel”, then it just reads as a submission, something the student had to do, an assignment.  The Feel teaches the reader something, about the topic, the author, and force the reader to take an inward look, examine their own thoughts on an issue.  The writer has to more than care about their subject for ‘Feel’; they need to have the sense that they HAVE TO write it, get it out, put it into readers’ heads.

‘Feel’, just as crucial to a piece’s life as grammar, spelling, punctuation symbols, all the conventional codes.