And in class, I heard

several students use the word ‘awkward’ in conversation… THEN, there was a notecard, atop the overhead projector, one of those 8×5’s or whatever, with the words awkward on it…  AND THEN, one of my favorite students said ‘AWK’, meaning awkward!  I was and am convinced that ‘awks’ will be the title and consistency about my newsletter.  First, only 3 pages.  Today has been one incredible enriching for the writer/blogger.  10:20 now, leaving soon for a run around the A-Walk Studio.

A couple sips of coffee left.  Sip slow, not too fast.  Don’t want elevated heart before elevated heart.  Not sure what the temp is outside, don’t think too hot as the weather morons said rain’s on the way.  But, yeah, that doesn’t mean shit.

Yesterday’s reinforcement of life’s brevity and fragility has me this morning more than ever pushed.  To change.  To live.  For my babies, my wife, family.  To see the world and report back to my readers and family, loved ones. Hard to contain myself right now, frankly, after writing 3 pages of content for the first issue of awks.  So what does this mean for Mon Petit Mise, my printed publication?  Nothing.. just delayed a bit, maybe.  Keeping awks short, 3-4 pages in initial biz plan, as it’s a weekly release, going out every Sunday night, between 7 & 10.

So many teachers and students in hall, loud.  Why don’t I close the door?  I don’t know.  Have to do something for newsletter— write later— just know, now, readers… I’m ALIVE!!!