Stayed on campus for the most part. 

Grading done.  Planning, blog posts…  For once, I feel ahead.  Need a walk, again.  Some gum, water.  Had burrito for lunch and a bit, now, of a food coma.  At winery tomorrow, but I know I’ll be in this writer/professor mode.  It’s who I am, and not something I can just turn off.

2:54… out of mood I was earlier in.  Symptom of adjunctedness.  Full-timers will roll their eyes as they often do, but I don’t care.  You know?  I’m going to continue to write as I write and teach as I teach and encourage students to embrace the Art in themselves, far before they just blindly subscribe to what’s prescribed.  This feels amazing, I must say, FINALLY being caught up.  I have to maintain this, as a professor, keep this going and further and further OWN my teaching practice.  Teaching is just as much about identity as writing is.  You seen and heard a certain way, interpreted very much like a text.  So your character has to be written.  You have to want to write it.

I’m going to start today’s class with a note from Kerouac.. a quote that leaves them startled.. then, Vonnegut’s ‘Style’ essay… truth in writing— OH, just had an idea!