Project A

Finished draft of an article.  7:46, should get Jackie dressed and get out the door early so I can work on my classes a bit.  Will bring HST and Plath to the tasting room, ‘case it’s slow again today like yesterday.  Hoping it rains.  The forecast calls for— who cares.  They’re wrong a better 95% of the time anyway.  Alice and little Emma still in their syncopated sleeps.  Keep telling myself I’m in no rush to get Jack ready and that I won’t let the clock control the momentum and pacing of my morning but I can’t help it.

It’s who I am.  I can’t lie.  Then, doldrum, an inactivity from me.  But I write my way out of it, telling myself I’m on assignment, that I have work to do, a story to cover; my day in the tasting room, how not-glamorous it is.  Fun, yes.  Teaching me more about wine, sure…  But not what people from out of state hold in their conceptions of California wine country, and the business in its geographic skeleton.