Project A

Write everything.  And always.  12:19am on the 6th, and I’m going to bed.  Setting alarm for 0330, when my shift starts with Emma —  this new streak of run or written sprint will go till year’s end.  And everything I write will be for this effort– goal:  freedom.  From everything.  Financial, social, occupational.. All.  So on 1/1/17, I’ll have my healdsburg office, my vacation home, my new car, my library, my new literary life– traveling and wine and photography.  So now to sleep.. And if I wake I’ll be typing.. Again.. All available moments writing.. All.  For my liberty and liveliness..
532am– Jackie with an accident, me changing him and bringing him to our bed.  Me now in his room, rain pounding, those bloody El Niño storms, or storm, or rain or whatever finally touching down like a lost flight.  I wanted to go downstairs to write, still do, but need more sleep.  I’m alone in the tasting room today which shouldn’t be that big a deal if this rain keeps up.  Think vacation’s over for most people.  The rain slows the roars again, like a feeding Grizzly, growls in between, tiring before and after biting surges.  Now it appears angry again, our deluge.. And I’m tired.. Need to seize this opening for no pester, no shake.. My beautiful sleep.

Heater comes on.

My cue…..