Didn’t wake at 5AM, but I’m not giving up trying or trying to try.  This morning, around 2, I had the sense to set the coffee machine, load it, take one of the small dainty white cups from the cupboard.  And that I’ve never done before.  Jack upstairs getting ready with Alice’s Mom and I sip my coffee, readying for a day at the winery, tasting room, with all the bottles and people still in town wondering what to do and they think, “Oh.. wine tasting!” Somewhat humorous to me but only from living here for so long.  I do see it losing its impression on me, this wined ubiquity, but I’m taking motions to combat that.  I can’t afford to get complacent or removed, or in any kind of cupped surrender.

Need to render more bonhomie toward Self.. starting today, and on this new path toward full-timedness.  Still in xmas “spirit” if you would, I give myself a career.  As a writer, self-publishing entirely, only publishing on the outside if solicited (have to pub that in life/biz plan doc)..  8:31.. shit.. have to go—