a writer:  post 013

Bored with the words I use.  I’m sure all writers or assuredly some feel this at some point–  Everything I just wrote, I hate.  I hate that I wrote ‘hate’.  So why don’t I stop?  ‘Cause that’s not what I teach.. I argue to keep going, research until more torrential appellations precipitate to your tablet.

This matutinal manuscript or effort or whatever it is teaches me to stop and look for words– words you don’t know or that haven’t made themselves privy to you won’t just hop into your head.  You have to find them, you have to excavate and study– and this is me talking to ME, not trying to sound so professorial or instructional, sagacious or intellectually sassy.

Que voulez-vous que je vous dire?  I’m in a writer’s mood–  And that’s another thing:  If you’re bored with your native tongue and words, use another…