IMG_9441302 words behind NaNoWriMo schedule.  But I need to now rest, after this Thursday, my first drive up to Mendo in 2 weeks.  I’m sipping the ’12 NDC Blair and I made.  And it’s clear what my end-game is, yes, oh yes.  A student left the classroom at Mendo only to return to read from a page he was proud of, as I told the students at the beginning of the meeting that at the end they could approach me with “a page they’re proud of”.  Two did, Tom and Trent.  And then, this other gentleman, ‘G’ I’ll him label, came back in, reading from the page before showing it to me.. the sketch, about going into the library and making fun of the books available, and how his perception of a library had changed.  I admired his willingness, and pride, and how even through his visible and palpable nervousness he still read, voice aquake.

And the Solano observation not happening… I’m not surprised.  At all.  That school’s a mess.  And I feel so heartily for the students, that work so hard and study endlessly, in that “writing lab” and in the library looking for books to assist their writings and positions.  I envy the students more than I can ever tell, or know, or talk, tabulate, anything.  Week 12, over.  I can’t believe it, and I can.

I stare at the glass, the wine I made, imagine the tasting room I’ll have.  And where.  I don’t know.  Healdsburg?  Too cliché, I feel.  For the mikemadigancrEATive office, sure.  But not a tasting room.  I’ll think about that later, so far later.  Right now I just want to enjoy my wine–  Huh, MY wine.  I made it.  Interesting.  What a day.  Stories, reflections and reactions and growth.  Me writer winemaker fool lover.  Comically cubist, Beat–