And I feel, I don’t know,

scattered or stressed or something.  Want to research in wine or something wine-related but I know nowhere to start.  Need another small glass of the Cabernet I opened, an ’09 from that winery I used to work at.  Not in the mood to note its name, just sipping something I was sure was shot but actually has quite the quietude about it.  And it’s from the wine world being in a state of flux– the vineyard purchased by this person but the original owner is still in possession of this % of the land and keeping this much interest in this and–  I just get lost, and when I try to “research” or write or do something “professional” with wine I just find myself getting lost.  So, then, I do what I do, as I now do: sip Cabernet and meditate in the quietly quietude of this downstairs.  No TV, just thoughts, and confidence, and knowing that tomorrow, a Monday, will be better than today which was a full day to my own Time.

This ’09 speaks a certain tongue, yes that purposeful and poised Cabernet presence, but not with what I’m used to.  It’s its own climate and cycle, voice and momentum– like a machine that isn’t too loud but it moves, oh does it move.  And an idea that my friend Sara mentioned to me, writing for wine and wine & food publications, a blogger, a writer traveling and blogging on wines and wine events, covering them as a true journalist but one with literary and wildly creative rootings.  Huh, that could work.  Sara referred to me as a “Sonoma wine expert”.  Which I’m most soundly not.  But, even still, I am here.  I do love Sonoma wines more than any other region and I do write about them.  I’m sipping one right now.  No, still not naming the name but my friend Zach did the final blend on this, I believe.  There fermentations and initial treatments were handled by the previous winemaker.  Wine– Sonoma– wine tasting and sipping and drinking the wines you love, the ones that add to your moments and character– all wine love, and blogging about wines all over the world from a more Human angle and less from a “professional one”.  So funny to me how so many are caught up in being “professional” in wine’s world, or industry.  Isn’t the “professional” demeanor  more or less common sense?–  Don’t want to fixate on that now, I want to delve into this wine, the Cabernet 2009 I just sipped, just a minute ago walking softly into the kitchen and finishing my glass.  Think I could have let it sit for another couple years, but, you know what, I opened it tonight.  I didn’t even know I had it in that little wine closet, it was a surprise, the past Mike packaging it up prior to the move, just for this night, this moment and this writing.  Going to think a bit more, close the session, enjoy moments before bed.