Morning of…..

IMG_6841Charging computer–  I mean camera for SWCW event and I can’t wait for all the content.  A little will be for the mmc site, but 98% of what I gather, whether visually or for note will be for the startup.  Producers, interviews, pourings, the crowd.  In fact, this is a mission for the startup.  Dad, too, is armed with a camera.  Everything wine… to BE, SHOW, and SHARE everything wine is the aim for today.  7:44, Dad set to be here at 10 precisely.  Coffee first for us both then out to Westside Road.  Tickets printed yesterday.  All a go.  Feel like Dad before one of his flights, walking around the plane then going up those stairs turning left into the cockpit, going through the checklist maybe having a brief meeting with my co-pilot.  Except with this flight we’re both captains.

8AM, not thinking about anything but the startup, and what it needs—just wine and wine content.  But I get away from the word “content” as that’s too broad, too general and too easy, the bland cracker-type wording that I loathe.. so…..  Wine Stories, visuals and families; stories and characters that can be consumed and sought-after, something luring if you know my meaning.

A sense of competition entraps me as I know other writers and bloggers will be there.  What separates me, not so much make me the better writer, is my anchoring in the Literary.  I will be more with my notebook out than my phone, or even camera.  I plan to imbue myself in the event and the stories I encounter, new and familiar.  Can’t wait for it to start, this mission with Dad and I but I know once it has started I won’t want it to end.  So.. that’s where the writer is, and yet another reason I’m fr contrasted to the other “writers” of the event.