7:56AM, and I’m up playing with Jackie..

posting to client 2’s blog, sending a thousand word writing sample to a prospect, and keeping busy, not stopping.  At winery today but I will leave early to write in Healdsburg, get ahead and get work done.  Tomorrow has to be spent planning the semester and writing lectures and grading the Summer papers.  Texting client, busy busy busy, and all while keeping Jackie happy.. Drinking the horrid coffee, not that bad this morning, certainly providing fuel.

Posted video from the other day, Kevin and I walking through the vineyard– shit, have to charge good camera’s battery.  Where is it? Oh, in bag.. now I’m just talking to myself.

On couch now with Jackie, watching one of his favorite cartoons, Ninjago.  Should run tonight, speed work on the tread like I told Alice last night.  The coffee this morning doesn’t make me as uncomfortable as with last cups.  Now I wait for the day to start and wait for more wined material.. hopefully will get to meet with Glenn later, to sit and talk about harvest 2015 and when we’ll launch, and what to expect as a journalist/writer. 

NOTE: input two receipts in ledger/register.. tracking every penny as to not be tight as I was a couple days past.. diversifying my business strategy with mmc.. wake earlier, transfer those notes from the little notebook!  Just thinking with my ideas armed and I won’t stop.. there’s never enough material, in my belief. always room for more content.