First chance to sit

at keys all day.  mmc on my mind while pouring, the little I did today, both drives, to from, and now I’m here in the cell prepping for class, and snacking on some Chex mix and sipping a sparkling water, lime, what the day and odd weather called for.  Another busy day tomorrow, as I need to somehow fit in a run, somehow.. and grade papers, write and plan and follow up on some leads (mmc).  This business and blogging idea has given me motivation that I’ve never before exercised or executed, been involved with, felt.. I just keep the thoughts in their unique revolution and let all their acoustic edges fly and flare in my sight, and why not, that’s what Creativity is.  To me at least.

Can’t think of much to write about other than that I feel clutter, cluttered, have to rid myself of stuff.. old business card and papers, and anything I can just toss, shed.. and grading, papers to grade that I keep putting off is quite part of the problem.. so here I go with my de-cluttering knives–

A little better.  Countdown to class.  May let them out early this evening, as I have something planned for them tomorrow and I need more of Sedaris’ essays in ‘Pretty’ to be read in order for it to forward fruitfully.