Other Waves

Much later in the day and in the classroom before the students would be.  Tonight I’ll be reviewing a wine, and I have thoughts on this trend of “wine education”, not which I’ll here not, but in the Comp Book I have aside set for mmc.  Tonight’s session more than likely will be brief then I retire to the adjunct cell where I’ll finally get organized, and de-cluttered, meaning none.  Enthralled with the possibilities of some possibilities from today’s meeting in the Napa business park.  But I won’t note that here either as I don’t want to have it jinxed.. ugh.. should just post the class tonight.. and get a headstart on grading.  Soon I won’t have to any longer as all I’ll be doing is blogging and writing and some editing as well.  And it starts with tonight’s bottle, the–  NO, not saying what it is just yet, nor how many words I– no, I’m stopping here.  The energy in this room sans students is interesting, like the blank canvas notion, something’s going to be illustrated and dictated just not yet.  And the story and narrative compiles and continues, and I need travel, think I’m getting close with– can’t say that either.  I do notice about my character, me getting more secretive and not revealing as much on the blog as may have, otherwise, years prior.

Hear the AC in its run, in this room, 1610 Emeritus is anyone’s reading this years forward, like my son, and wants to know where I am and what I’m doing– huh, what I’m doing.  I should be prepping for class.. character, Sedaris’ character and the notion of character and the study of character, and who am I to talk?  I’m only finding and cementing mine now, at 36.

5:20, perfect timing, and no caffeine but you should see me reader; this is a result of the walk Alice and I took up Fountaingrove before getting the little Beat and then going to the xray or sonogram guy to see M2.  He knows the character’s gender, but we don’t, purposefully kept dark, in the dark, and it was ever-dark in that room while he toyed with the image of my second baby to find its form.  I’m having a day, a day for me, and driving to Napa centered me not just for the meeting with A—, but for the rest of the day and my business and me as a writer, the novel in which I may tonight write, who knows.  Or tomorrow morning.. I have to get this wine “review” up tonight, before the morning, with several pictures and words, more words, the “descriptors” that people want to read but I refuse to write, strictly sticking to my narrative and deconstructive leans.  The Literary.  But there’s something to the words and how they realize wine and vivify it unlike other entities.. part of my business plan, but I have to wait, I have to wait, can’t let myself get too aloft just yet.  “Not yet,” I told myself, aloud, just a student walked in.  Not sure she heard me.