1:15pm. Jackie upstairs for sleep.

He fought me but I think he may be asleep now.  Do I nap or not?  Not sure what I want to do.  Have to type the Healdsburg writings from yesterday, at some point.  Not for blog, at least not immediately.  I want them to be their own standalone, one singular.  And I’m starting to hate that word, ‘singular’, not sure why.  If I didn’t go to sleep, what would, or could, I do?  Type yesterday, yes, but also research PhD programs– and if I get into one, or when, I have to bid farewell to sleep almost entirely, I know.  So why not practice now?  Can’t make coffee, machine’s too loud.

I’m settling for a nap.  Hope I can’t sleep and I spring back to this device.  Today, one of being Dad, Dad to Jack.  We went for a drive, got my 3-shot mocha, went to park, back home for snack, and now nap.  I took several shots with my phone of J playing on the bark and by the garden where park is, and of him flying down that blue slide.  But, now, the writing dad needs his rest, just a few moments of rested eyes.