First thing to remember about this new year, if I’m to talk any resolution of ways to change is to do and be just that, be changed, different, do everything different.  It’s a bit after 7 and Alice and little Kerouac are still asleep.  I’m not going straight for the coffee, what I always do.  Rather, I’m enjoying the natural energy of this typing.  Order texts for Spring, item #1 for day.. then, close teaching blog..  Then, write–  No, I always do that too, plan…  So no plan.  You know what you have to do and if you forget something then it wasn’t important, it wasn’t meant to “stick”, as Stephen King said in that clip I showed classes last semester.

And in this new year’s simplicity, I think of my running schedule, some official training for the marathon.  I ran too much yesterday, that’s obvious with how my knees feel.  They’ve never hurt this much, paining me significantly even if I’m to climb this condo’s stairs then come back down, as I did last night when little Kerouac came in the room.

notes, Krystal:  She always goes to her friend Rose for advice, especially in this time where she wants to leave the winery and start her own label, but how can she do that?  She has a little over 10k saved but that’s not enough in her mind.. it’ll have to be enough, she thinks, so she tries to find the most cost-effective equipment she can.  The fruit’s not a problem, that she can get from the five or seven or so growers in AV she’s built relationships with over the years.  She goes online, looks in Winemaker Magazine, a publication she’s not that fond of but it does have its merits she’ll admit.  Oh, and oak, she almost forgot about oak.. how could she not factor that in or think of first, even before the fruit or the bond or anything?  Too much on her mind, she thinks, but there she is, writing everything down…  Then she thinks of cold-soaking, how?  She’ll have to use a custom-crush facility, somewhere.  But which one?  The one in Sonoma/Santa Rosa or the SF one everyone talks about.  She doesn’t want to be far from wine country and she doesn’t want her grapes in the city.  No that she has a problem with SF, she just wants them here and closer to quiet, not around the big city feel of SF’s 7×7 cluster pile.  And she thinks she has a plan, she thinks…  300 css of Cab, 200 of the Merlot, 150 of the SB.  She had all the numbers rushed, yes, but more or less “worked out”.

And at the end of these 100 days I’ll write her novel, Krystal’s.  It’s an answer to the wine industry and all they expect from winemakers and what they want them to do and the ridiculous timeframe they give them, and why so many do what she wants to do– LEAVE.  Start her own corner, clasp to a new more truthful image.

7:23, and still no sound from upstairs.  Yes, no run today.  But maybe a walk.  Where?  How about Summerfield, turn right, then up that one street.. what’s it called?  Woodview or something to that fold?  I don’t know, I just want to be moving, stay moving; remember, everything marathon, in the spirit of marathon, and not marathon-like, simply ‘marathon’.  This laptop is a mess, the desktop.  I’m trying to organize and put pieces on the records list but it’s just a bloody mess!  So I’ll marathon clean, that’s all.  Not stop till it’s pristine, as Dwight always loves to say.

I’m still a bit congested, can you believe that?  This bug doesn’t seem to want to leave and take residence anywhere else, goddamn thing.