Well over 3,000 words.  Just heard thunder, 10:10PM, and the rain is with a lurching advance that is a bit unnerving.  Just saw a lightening flash, left, heard sequential thunder.  Finished my Zin, so I’m eased.  Think the rest of my Kerouac books came in the mail.. need to remember to write that 2page piece on the vacant tasting room.  Forgot the tentative title but it’s something I should definitely write.  Optional day for students tomorrow.  think more will show up this time than the day before Thanksgiving.  I feel like an Émigré with my position in the wine world and my Self-publishing sensibilities, aims.  Today in the tasting Room, a reel of restlessness coupled with boredom garnished with frustration then glazed over by quirky bravado.  What else can you do but sip?  But I didn’t.  I just noticed.  Everything.  From the ridiculous merchandise we have to the few people that actually did come in to the wine bottles that were opened and not even poured.  Why were there two sets opened?  Why do I care?

Certain characters in dreams, making impressions on me.  To sleep.  The drive tomorrow, more unpleasant that Monday’s I’m willing to wager.  Bed, with fury.  Another thunder rise.. bed, needed– writer fool.