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Posting these notes, so you can remind the writer what he’s more than likely forgotten 2do …

= Take Chardonnay notes
= Take vineyard stills with small camera, only closeups
= Have coffee before class
= Get last minute grading done
= Only write title to night’s lecture.. be the rest, act it out.. Okay, maybe a couple notes, but not more than a page
= Keep scribbling dialogue!!! Trap reactions to wine.. That’s a novel!

640pm. Ne’er did post this as I’d hoped. Writing lecture for class. Will finish log at home. Waking early tomorrow for 5am filming. Should be a great material source. Or should I be afraid?

1105pm. In bed. Still journaling on phone, scuffling with autocorrect, keys that aren’t even tangible. So really, I haven’t written a single thing today. Feel like I’m texting mySelf. Alarm set to go off at 425am. Cameras charging. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Even kept Self to 1 beer when I arrived back home. Most of day’s goals met. Lecture tonight went better than I thought, so I fall asleep feeling more or less valued, valuable.

Friday night, only salable pages. Little to NO blogging. And, tasting 1 white, 1 red. Immersing Self in mimicry of envisioned office atmosphere– movies, music, wine, writing. All tranquil, calmed. Should post this quick, so I can rest. Feel like a filmmaker, set to be on set, 1st day of filming. Bona…