Cluttering Wave Collect

Escape to go traipse– destiny in wait;
Travel with paper while unraveled in my loving labor–
Like I was struck with a taser, time tells me to move.
Seated at the table thinking of possibilities; deleted ev’ry cable of awful’s symmetry. Return to a spot in the vineyard where I can learn– something. Bring with me optimism, but find clotted prisms; no sight at my right, directions opposite, infections, often get– my way, a penning tirade–
Destroyed then remade.. Poet amphibian, played in Everglades. Stayed then strayed, no assurance burdens.. Another were-when whirlwind; think out my route, far how? Volume up from discrete to loud– picture me in any box. Now not. I’m birdseye to their stops. Their logic in poison knots. Devil, stay seated at your desk, sending faxes, stapling papers, robbing your client list with a throbbing pie of miss. Scuffle? Oh, I insist. I bet this death kiss in less than a year I’ll be further afloat. No moat– only gold in a scope. Tight rope with a mic’s dote. A couple more notes, remembering day, measuring rays..
My work, all language play, coat hanging ‘way– OneWriter brigade. Jaded from attention faded; critical dart swarms evaded.. Bladed. I made it.