Anthill Farms Winery Syrah, 2009, Sonoma Coast Vineyards

Definitely for Syrah lovers.  Expansively tenacious wild berry-centered mouthfeel.  You’ll also be wooed by chords of pepper, curious sweetness, and wild herbaceousness.  This is a Syrah that breaks the mold, or typecasting of the bold classic Rhône, in that there’s no excessive gaminess, bacon, syrupy berry forward.  This Syrah, offers refreshing interpretation while still homaging Syrah’s oldest intentions.  With its finish, you’ll be brought to the berries’ coastal base, birthplace, with calm, romantic tannin waves, finalizing this Syrah’s brave balance.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this wine lays down for another 5 to 7, maybe even ten years.  Can’t wait to find out, with my remaining bottles.  [B+/A-]