A little frazzled and scattered this morning.  Making progress though… have to call CPA, then follow up on tickets, appointments, have to email one client.  Sipping coffee and I think it’s helping.  Not sure a run is going to happen today.  Make myself go, I have to.  Okay, noon.

Messages from all angles.  Not sure of which direction to….

10:41, calming.  Making myself run at noon.  Aim is 10k.  59 degrees now, said to be about 63 at noon.  Using the current quiet to get caught up, write notes, arrange this tech idea I have, the new one blending blogging, web design, and tech advisory (general).

Thought I needed help on something but not sure I do.. let’s just do what I can and see what happens.


Not in the mood to run.  At all.  How do I motivate myself or put myself in the hungry and warrior runner rile?  Maybe take a power nap and see if that helps?

Stable on the MSP front.  3 tix for one client needing addressing, responding to that one client’s email… the MSP model and what the Nurse tells me, that tie it forms, the assimilation and collective composition.