11-12-23 —> 14:11


Well into the day, relaxed and watching football with Henry.  Kitchen clean, laundry, ready for the week.  Starting up late working and w3aking early.  That’t ha plan.  Curiosity and exploration.. adding that to the list of consistently used tags.  Trying things, an hating.. EVERYTHING.  Only way to stay engaged when you think things are going stale or mundane, getting repetitive.

The day moves and I with it.  No attention to how time goes as fast as it does.  Will will do as it does, and I will as well.  Writing to self, watching football and listening to Henry’s questions and requests for new toys, asking where the Nurse is.

Gratitude and FEARLESSNESS, me today.  And always.  Yesterday and one event only has me laughing, how small some people are, both in mind and ability, from their vengeance and obsessively doting darts and barbs.

Comical, and pathetic.

Moving onward, Mom and Dad over later.  First dinner after their Oregon trip…

Giants at the Cowboys, don’t really care who wins.  Just something to watch and do while laundry spins through its rue.

New business idea.. keep it quiet.  Brevity, wine, melding with an existing project and story.  Old vineyard pic.. hmmm…. Something the Nurse said last night.  Building…