Realization after realization this morning.  Laundry, Emma in the shower, Henry and Jack

down here with me.  Home is the paradigm and model, Beat and pace and song for everything.  I’ve know that for a while but it’s like my condo is reminding me to focus here, on all walls and floors.

As simple as I get it, everything.  Less is better.  Stay in the chair I tell myself, reminding me of teaching days.  Move slower, don’t be in such a rush.

Espresso then a little coffee.  Friend Mannie, my running buddy from Sonic and still my running buddy over text, messages me that he just did a Peloton run with Beck Gentry.  My next run, Monday I guess.

Moving slow this morning, missing the Nurse and in a mood.  Needing to write more.  About everything.  No more thinking.  Yesterday in the office talking to Andy about some tech options for clients, and how an MSP works.  More ideas…. Small businesses, wineries, think I finally found it.  You know what I mean…

Thinking of me as a business and IT client… what do I need, not much.  Certainly better internet, but what else.