Getting in shower soon.  Nurse left about 20 minutes ago.  Was tempted to take a power nap but then thought she’s not napping… Driving from here to Fairfield then on the PACU Beat.

LoFi on low volume.  New story, ready.  Still waking up so writing’s a bit tough at the moment.  Cold on the other side of the door.  Last night at dinner Nurse and I noticing the rain coming down sideways.  We spoke about changing seasons and how it was obvious that the year is closing…

Be in the shower by 07:10 or :15.  Have to drop something off, somewhere.  Maybe get in shower now…. Again, my brain’s not working yet.  Just so grateful that I don’t have to …  and never again.  Like a former friend said, it was a blessing, lesson, blessed lesson.  Completely agree, now that I can see and not wrapped in my own indignation.

Keep moving… pack bag, bring cords for all things techie.  Think about vocals, music, how this will develop.  I know… keep all simple, and they get it.  This is where the story starts, I know it.