Up around 05:30.  Couldn’t fall back asleep so kids lunches done.  On 2nd double espresso.  Putting there day itself in all its singularity and attainability in the dominant thoughts spot.  More militant, as I was noting last night offblog.

Letting kids sleep till 06:45 or :50.  Busy day for them yesterday.  Enjoying this quiet, the early Autumn time shown by clock.  Collecting, let the morning speak to you, I tell myself.  Drive to SF, then back.  And for what… not taking it much seriously, if you must know.  Why, just the attitude I’m choosing today.

And other things, conversations and people.  No matter, they come and go.  They always do.  And, they often disappoint.  So, SELF.  That’s where the weight of effort and focus and priority and narrative need be…. Figuring out or just learning about this new Mike Madigan.

He prefers quiet to conversations, meditation to conversation.  This, 06:16 at the nook table typing in quiet to small short sips and the refrigerator hum, he sees more value.

Feel like a cold is trying to wrap itself around me. Ignoring it.  I have too much to do.

Studying others’ words, expression… interesting.