17:54 ::: Day ending, travel craving.. cravings.  Yellowstone like I said months ago, Monterey. 

Looking at hotels, where I want to run.  Hot outside, Henry demands milk.  PAIUSE—

Watching Giants-A’s game and looking at hotels in Monetary for a soon-stay.  Travel is the new beat.  Everyone asks me if I still want to write about wine… well, kind of.  There are bigger ideas and worlds than the tasting room and something in a bottle.  More on that later, in the book for sure.

Travel.  Start small.  Monterey or Carmel, or Pacific Grove, perfect.  What remembered most about Monterey is the smell, that path you can take from some gym or athletic center to Lover’s point I think it’s called.

All propelled and prompted and provoked by the Nurse.  Her spell, still can’t categorize it or understand it completely.  My nature, be guarded and suspicious, and, honestly, cynical.  Not with her though, which stuns and shocks me further.  

Stop thinking about it Mike, I say to myself.  This is what the story needs, what I as the character need.  Stop questioning… even if I was hurt, imagine how strong I’d be, how relentless and impenetrable.