Busy day with kids.  Shopping, new phone for me which means a new one for Jack.  Lunch done…. 99 outside, so no guilt in staying in.

Missing Nurse, but wholly and pervasively focused on the babies.  Just thinking of our dinner last night in Winters, my first ever.  Beautiful place, low lighting and radiance unstated yet connective – not flashy or exaggerative, boasting but… elevated, artful, textured in a way I’ve never seen.

Trying to backup this laptop to the cloud, but can’t figure it out now.  Why is this so hard?  Figured out how to do my phone… hold on…….

Not dealing with it now.  MAP…. Done for now.

Seeing the kids this morning for the first time in over a week reminds me of simplicity.  All answers needed are right in front of me.  NO.. more than that they’re constantly knocking and taunting, kindly criticizing – Why are you overthinking, they ask.  Jack sings a little whilst playing with his new phone, I stuff recipes in the journal.  Tend to later, when sun’s away.

I laugh at whatever Jack’s singing.  Making no sense but the funny is there is what he hums or sings in some congealed slang-slur.