6-17-23 /// 08:41 Jack’s practice cancelled today.  So they get picked up and I have the day.  No idea

if driving to see the nurse.

Espresso, and love for the day ahead.  Last Saturday I had like this I was in recovery from DC and had my last TR day the day in St. Helena.

Sent letter to Uncle Stevie.  Shit, forgot to do that last night.  Sent over text since that seems to be the way we’re writing now.  His writings and the sharpness and odd but engaging range and reality it relays, I’ve never read anything like it.

Friend sent me a text last night, and she regrets it.  Not disclosing the content, but I have to laugh.  She’s apologetic, remorseful, of course I assure her nothing wrong just it made me a bit uneasy… no harm at all.  Teaches me more about relationships and the lines around them, between the characters.  

Not going to say “boundaries”, as that’s an overused term by some, and just hearing it annoys me.  And it’s not a boundary, but a line.  A point of contract and coherence, unification.  Maybe more in the book.  Yes, definitely in the book.