Many hours later, and a day that flew by.  Thought it would drag, for whatever reason, but it was a jet, throttle full and past me.  Now I can only look at pictures.  Took a lot, Jack’s first umpire assignment and he had two – one morning, one P.M.  I can tell he’s tired but still in a celebratory figure and look.  He’s proud of himself, the money he made.  I learn from him, now and into the evening.

In the nook watching the Giant’s game in Mexico City against the Padres… think they just lost.  Oh well.

Starting to feel tired from being in the sun.  Sure I got sun burnt, or sun touched.  Could go to bed now if I wanted but the kids are happy to be home and want to celebrate, have our traditional Daddy Saturday party  night.

Captures from today.  So many.  I’ll remember today, not just for how long it was but its speed and dismissiveness of my sensitivity.

My kids are getting bigger, older, more sovereign and situated in their characters.

What can I do, but write, put to page what I can.