Already need a break.  Starting conversations with new property managers and I feel my focus on real estate intensifying.  Do I get my license, or….?  What do I want to do?  Real estate, and tech… Property technology, and what a place to learn, with this company.

Pile of receipts behind me.. ugh, don’t even want to look at it.  Will tackle tomorrow.  Encourages me to NOT spend.  Had lunch here, and no ‘bux this morning.  Two wins for the MAP.

Quiet.  Keeping music off.  Adding to the meditation and awareness of the room, of EVERYTHING.

Nothing to write, so I let the day right for me.  One of the grounds guys passes, holding the leaf blower downward, left.

Day slowing… quick errand, something at little store not even a block away.  More and more in love with Windsor, I swear.  This is my town, my home, my writing terrain and tell, a vein of well.

Dinner later, then back here.  Thought about taking all of tomorrow off, but no.. thought of a prospecting prompt, simply wishing people ‘Happy Friday’..  Running with it, see how it goes, where it goes, what it yields.