Up and my phone was dead, and it wouldn’t charge.  Paranoid I’d sleep in too late I just got up, dressed and had some espresso and now in office hoping the phone is charging.  My kids’ charger wasn’t working I guess.

Nap later, for sure.  Want to break that habit, but…

Was going to write “Nothing crucial planned today.”, but, honestly, everything at this point is crucial.  EVERYTHING.

6:39, promised the kids I’d let them sleep in a bit.  Should make Henry’s lunch.  Maybe this phone issue is a blessing of some kind.  Annoying either way, but who knows.



Off a call with another rep.  Now to conversations, prospecting but I hate that word, the thought… that’s why the whole prospect-ESK idea.  And, it spelled -esk rather than -esque.  To make fun of it, do it and EVERYTHING in the approach differently.

Building this new idea… still need to start the new journal for it.  Plot my approach, come up with a timeline.  Project for Saturday.

Have to run an errand here in a bit… will put off till later.  Just because I don’t want to deal with it right now, honestly.