“Sorry babe, I have to work.  Unfortunately I don’t get Spring Break, it makes Daddy sad.” And it does.  Just telling her that had me tearing and with a broken dusty interrupted vocal.  

“Your job sucks, Dad.” Emma said firmly then quiet.

My laughter was uncontrollable.  It was so funny I kept repeating her line aloud, just so I could laugh and talk myself out of the tears with her words.  “YOUR JOB SUCKS, DAD…” I’m still repeating here in the loft.  Oh my god, how can anyone not find that funny.

Starbucks after the game, little branch for us all except for Henry, and relax.  Still feel the cold and the muddy grass from the field.  At one point it was honestly uncomfortable, nearly painful.  Of course Emma and Henry and their little chemistry and then skirmishes then collaboration made me forget.  THEY, are magic.

11:39 Should probably put Henry down for a nap.  Put ME down for a nap.  Tired from the early before-alarm wake.  But I’m sipping a triple latte, so I don’t know how likely that is.