Seeing Jack and Emma this morning so happy with the advent of their Spring Break, how carefree and anticipatory.  Envy got me, then I understood my thinking and what was taking shape was unnecessary.

It can be changed.  Reading more of Aurelius and his meditations, and the stoic principles… HAPPINESS, and how to hold it infinitely.

5 minutes till a meeting.  Not letting myself get annoyed, bothered, or anything.  I’m taking emotion out, completely, for now.

Gifted self a latte this morning, deserved in my opinion.  Logging in, see what the day teaches.  The morning’s already been quite rich…

Meeting started, I’m listening I guess, but typing while others’ words are said.  Need to use this hour… queued up a doc, writing a new statement on…

The vineyard.  Feeling the air there, soil, scents post-rain.

Notes… from wine, to tech, to the weekend and week ahead with the kids, EVERYTHING.

Quality of my thoughts, reading though his quotes and certain pages.  Timely… needed.  Reading more, more…. “The best revenge is not to be like your enemy.” So true.

Thought quality though, what’s teaching me most, has me spinning in delicious written dimension.