2:55 PM

Out of virtual happy hour that was on company calendar.  Me of course with my espresso, and most I noticed were sipping either coffee or some sparkling water.  Only one person with wine, a Dry Creek Chardonnay.  But me, so caffeinated now and into the new sales story that my cells are singing, celebrating.

Next week should be big for the sales story.  Nearly certain a contract will land.  To be seen of course, and with sales you never know.  Confidence has more elevation than any other week since my hire.

I need to make tomorrow count.  I need to be Mike Tyson tomorrow with my writing, projects.. the two ideas I wrote on the little pages on my left.

New approach to wine – the story telling and narrative.  Notes, not necessarily full sentences or paragraphs.  Just keep writing about wine, nay thought that flies past me or lands.  The tasting room, the fluttering insinuations front the first pour….  Stay in the mode, mood, I tell myself looking through past pictures that directly place me back int he frame and I can only feel more of the vinified ride and rise.