Good meeting in SF, renewing me even further in sales story.  New attitude and approach mine toward everything remains.  Not thinking, just moving, no self-doubt, not caring, seeing everything as an opening, opportunity, invitation, story… I could keep going but I’m not.  Was either yesterday or day before when it started.  Doesn’t matter though, I’m here now with this new me and nothing crippling this new mentality.

Committed to waking early tomorrow to write.  The hope is to get them all in bed no too late, have laptop queued and ready in nook, maybe make coffee tonight for an iced coffee first thing.

Had lunch at a new ramen place on Sansome, or Kearny.. Kearny, I remember.  The whole team, talking about the meeting with the CEO, exchanging more ideas, talking about this new year, what’s ahead, all the changes, etc.  Showed Jack when I picked him up, the picture I took of my order.  Starting to be more of a ramen hunter.

“Hunter”, a word used in the meeting today.  Same with “killer”.  New approach to this sales story, and I’m unable to wait for coming scenes.