5:37 PM.  Here with kids and their grandparents. 

Doing a couple things in office before logging off.  “Poetry formula”, thought taking the Windsor exit.  What does this mean, a lot of things.  Some complicated, some simple…. More later.  Realizing and heightening my identity in a. Tell of fiery ways – nothing hostile, just more throttle, less toggle.

Today I felt something move like Earth plates, faultiness…. My indecisive ways sustained depletion, I’m just wildly deciding now.  To do this, write something new, call my sister, go for a walk, move money from here to here… forget about past conversations and relationships.  The Now is the paramount postmodern belt and shelf.

Why have I not seen this before?  Because today is today, it’s never communicated as it’s never been.  Now is the layered and sweet set of sentences needed, for anything.  EVERYTHING.

The new sales story, now translated different.  No more of the stress and what made me character that hurt one relationship.  LEARNED.  Composition now, like before never.