Reorganizing ideas and aims.  Different now.. today is something extending from yesterday, the positive outlook I adopted and refused to surrender.

Kids later, quiet now.  Want my composition to be perfect for them.  Perfect as I can get it…

Stopping in latte sips.  I’m so caffeinated it’s close to uncomfortable.

Got everything I needed at Oliver’s except lunch meat, which I forgot like a dope, and the breakfast bars Henry likes because they didn’t have them.  Quick run to Safeway, single dad style, after picking them up.

1:47……..  Calm, quiet, grateful for the day and my own persistence.  The character forming, that I’m letting form.

GRATTITUDE and FEARLESSNESS.  My thesis for ’23, remaining self.  Character analysis on self, what I want and where I’m going.. me at this desk, nearly unbelievable.  This is my house, where my kids stay, where I write – Saturday, all mine for more reorganization and business and creative.

Quick break, looking at clock, time to leave closer and closer.  Can’t wait to hear about their days, have them running around the loft, our quick mission to Safeway… their smiles and happiness to be here with their dad.

Enough, or tears pound.

Grateful to Story—