10:49 in home office.  The nook station is closed, I think for good

now that I have this little space heater gift from my parents.

Latte, and I’m off.  No exhaustion about me, at all.  Set budget for weekend Napa business, and dinner later Saturday night, which is tentative but will more than likely happen.

Inbound lead just landed.  4 sites and already scheduled call with Property Manager for Monday, 9am.  I think this new sales story is building, assuming more life and promise.  We’ll see, but I’m of optimistic shift at this desk.

Logging activity, the one reemphasized lesson and practice from this new story.. being mindful of every commission, all turns and walks, conversations, notes.

This latte is holy-fuck-strong.  Not sure I’m going to finish it.  Maybe put it in fridge, have a mock iced latte later?

New mind, translation of EVERYTHING habit.  Smile.