Internet not working well. Or, the wifi I mean.  Cleaning the office,

throwing away old papers and whatever’s.

Off a call.  Communicating more pricing in a bit.  After 1 at some point.

Need a break from the house, maybe take Jackie on a quick errand.  He said he wanted some lunch and reiterating to me he feels better.  Playing a game right now and talking with one of his friends also home sick.

I feel at home in this office.  My lab, workbench, operating room, drawing board, design table…. Writing in flexing letters, POSITIVE BEAT.  Someone on the call earlier telling me they love my positivity.  I thanked them, then became reflective.

All of this has a solution, and it’s attitude.

Great day… and it’s all attitude.  I refused earlier to be stressed going into that Mountain View call, and just hung up with another prospect, the Palo Alto small MDU.

Learning from myself, my own sight and abilities, writing… maybe this new sale story will work, who knows.

Like Dad said, “Be patient, be strong, stay true to yourself.”

The possible, like it even has to be addressed.  Everything, EVERYTHING, is possible.  Attainable.  There to be built.