Now that date does look funny.  Or just interesting.  Should play the lotto.

Meeting in 6 minutes…. Another one after that, then another after that.

Yesterday’s postulations and meditations on passion and only doing what you love, being where there’s true and elevated interest rings loud this morning.  Jack home with me and upstairs, and I only want him to hear me speaking with fire, love, passion atop passion infused with more electric fury.

Only be where the positive hue’s true.

Less than two minutes now.  Latte tastes funny.  Let’s see what the CEO has to say…

11:16.  Meeting and presentation of pricing behind me.  Jack feeling better, and I’m feeling better in this new sales story.

The value of attitude can’t be disputed, in any respect.

Quick check on Jack, he’s relaxing and feeling better he tells me.  Requests two waffles and I’m back at the desk..

Moving money here and there, looking forward to my weekend with the kids.  Good to be back in the office.  Last day I worked down here, want to say… two weeks ago, maybe?  Either way I’m here now, trying to operationally be more Dan Madigan than Mike.