At the loft with the big kids.  Great seeing Mom and Dad… Dad and I with a 30+ minute meeting in his office, discussing strategy, more money movement, all theaters and campaigns.  Again I’m reminded I need to be more Dan and less Mike, Madigan.  So.. cleaning up and organizing the desktop of this device.  FINALLY.

Jack more than likely staying home with me tomorrow.  Looking forward to it, honestly.  Tempted to call out of the new sales story, if you want to know the truth but I fucking can’t ‘cause I have to communicate pricing to the Mountain View prospect.

Not thinking about that now.  Both big kids content and enjoying their spots in the loft.  Me over here trying to be more like my dad, planning and foreseeing.

Happiness sentence for the  day just scribbled – Happiness will define and redefine itself to you, always listen, always invite it, connect.

Last sentence in the Happiness Journal on this day written in ’19, where I wrote “Be sure to cut out all nay, starting today.

Pretty obvious what that’s referencing, but anyway…

Jack comes to kitchen to be with me, eat the last toast slice I made.