8:39.  Working from home, already a call and an email, then another email, then a Teams message.  The phone call and the intensity and knowledge of the person on the other end has me thinking… what I’m doing.  What AM I doing…??

Coffee, no espresso.  Goal today is 20 calls.  Someone in the office shared an interesting approach to calling.  Honestly, it’s pretty good.  Funny, just enough erudite, applicable to several parts of life, to be honest.  I was surprised.

Will need another cup.  Going to make something amazingly wonderfully tremendous and enriching happen today.  Not sure the form it’ll take, but ALL for the kids.  My attitude, first target.

One call done, next queued.  Interpretation of occurrences, calibrating my reaction(s).  Learning… again, the Life Lessons point.

DIY, with everything in the EVERYTHING.

Calm tracks, cold outside…. And downstairs.  Working in nook obviously.  Grateful… there’s education in that mentality, gratitude and humility, acknowledging what you have when you have it.  Time, reflection…

Happiness.  Writing it.  Right now.  No negotiating… it’s the story I’m deciding to write and embody and actuate, elevate, narrate.  Again, gratitude…

Time conflict arising for tomorrow.  Not getting to me.