In office, just me and one of the CRE guys.  Not feeling too great but fine enough to work.  Finally get to see Ms. Kerri this evening.  Don’t want to think about how long it’s been.  Not sure where we’re going…  Maybe—Oh yeah, Sweet T’s is closed Mondays.

Kids dropped off this morning, gentle and harmonious like undisturbed seas.  Henry first, then little Kerouac which unnerved Ms. Emmie.  Not happy she was second, but I tried explaining it makes more sense to deliver Kerouac first then her.  She didn’t listen, stayed quiet, and I felt failed.

The latte on the gorgeous drive down helped.  Soon as I parked and walked out of 2 Embarcadero, my least favorite between itself and One Maritime Plaza, I felt different.  The Mike Madigan that woke with a bit of pessimist edges, gone.

I feel fine, just not 100%.  Found a couple properties to visit this week.  Possibly tomorrow.

Prospect, prospects, in a whole new year.  2023 is it, for EVERYTHING.  Running, writing, business, media, wine, what I can provide for the kids….  More than ready for it.  Not just optimism, but assurance.  Shoving aside all burdens.

Conversation with a CRE-er.  IDEAS.