Not much written yesterday, nothing posted. Soul injured, but I’m writing way through and out of it. The kids are watching, and reading. Teaching them through me teaching me.

Yesterday site walk teaching me about wiring and where to better place access points, camera(s).  Building a quote today, notes to self on attitude and connecting to what I do here with prop techh.

Drive to SF today, little traffic.  Several people already on vacation I guess.  Streets show it as well, no many walking across the streets here in the Financial District.  Starbucks, only a handful of people.

Notes to self all day…. One of which certain contours and developments and how vile some humans are, utterly out of any sense of control.  Certainly mine.  Karna’s Composition will reshape EVERYTHING.

EVERYTHING – Them.  The babies.  This is all for them.  Even when my single dad frustrations are put to page, I’m smiling.  Grateful.

And FEARLESS.  ‘Cause I have THEM.  My kids.  I will ALWAYS have my kids.

Listening, documenting.  EVERYTHING.  How they smile, what they say, how Jack will mention what he’s learning and what one of his friends has going on.

Writing lunch.  With the Mike Madigan Laptop.  Penned.