Monday October 17th, 2022 

8:04am, settling in, preparing notes and questions.  Temp this morning is 98.5, so definitely on the mend.  Not much to prep for just putting self in character.  About to email partner Jason, let him know I’m ready.  And I am, I so very much am on so many levels and notes.

46 minutes till it starts officially, this new story.  Doing a FLIGHT and EOD just as I did at Sonic, everyday till I’m out in the field and setting up provisions for clients.  More involvement with real estate and properties.  I feel this is a floodgate-like opportunity.  Can’t believe I landed it, but then I can.  I sold this New MIKE MADIGAN, and did so truthful.  No embellishment, no hype, no distortion, just ME.  What I see, what I want for clients and business, building it.

Journal open… need to look at site one more time.  Did some things to LinkedIn profile, hadn’t touched it in a while.  New story… sales humor, EVERYTHING in this new book speaking to me before it’s written.

19 minutes.  I’ll log on ten minutes before it starts.  So… 9. Excited and energized, like the covid isn’t here anymore.